Still unclear who plotted Dahab blasts: minister

Daily Star Egypt Staff
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LONDON: It remains a mystery that was behind Monday s suicide bombing in the Red Sea resort of Dahab in which 24 people were killed, Minister of Tourism, Mohamed Zoheir Garana, said Tuesday. Later on during the day, at least 10 people were arrested in connection with the bombings.

It would be very premature to jump to conclusions over who are the people behind this and who are the people who executed these bombings, Garana told BBC radio in a telephone interview. Asked how the Dahab blast might affect tourism, he replied: It does concern us, but I am sure that the Egyptian government is more concerned now about the casualties than the impact it will have on the tourism industry. I think people are very angry about this and frustrated about what is taking place, he said. Every million tourists create 200,000 new jobs, and this is something that the Egyptian government needs, and that makes people more furious about it. Egypt is receiving millions of tourists every year and the safety and security of all visitors to Egypt is our main concern, as it is the main concern of all other countries worldwide. Three foreigners were among the dead in Monday s blasts, the third against resorts on the Sinai Peninsula in 18 months. President Hosni Mubarak has vowed to punish the perpetrators of such heinous acts of terrorism . AFP

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