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Ahmed Aref, Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson, arrested
(File Photo )

MB denies ‘justification’ for Coptic attacks

Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Ahmad Aref has denied accusations of incitement of violence against Christians by the interim presidency. Presidential political advisor Mostafa Hegazy said in a Saturday press conference that leading Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Al-Beltagy had “justified” attacks on churches, which Aref denied in a Sunday statement as a “flagrant falsehood.” In his statement, …

In a series of photos taken on 27 January 2011, demonstrators in the port city of Alexandria dismantle the image Hosni Mubarak
AFP Photo

The Rise and fall of Mubarak

On the second anniversary of his stepping down, DNE illustrates the journey of the ousted president from the palace to Tora Prison

Review: Op-Eds chide authority for using violence

After the recent video clip showing  an Egyptian man being beaten and dragged by security forces, several commentaries have exposed the issue of human rights violations in Egypt. Many writers pointed fingers at the executive authority, blaming it for the widespread violence. Several columnists believe that the authorities should end the practice of violence to …

Ethar Shalaby

Demeaning enough?

They kept repeating the clip in front of me for more than five subsequent times. I starred at the pixelated screen. But it was still okay. The viciousness was clear enough for me. I could see the legs kicking him in the back, sticks hammering him on his head, hands dragging him from his legs …

Nervana Mahmoud

Egypt: A twilight without a new dawn

By Nervana Mahmoud Egypt has always been portrayed in folk history as a woman with eternal youth, defiant and graceful. But the state that has been proud of its iconic past is currently crumbling at a surprisingly fast pace, and no one seems to be able to stop it. The chaotic scenes witnessed in Egypt …

Ziad Akl

The Police: Back to square one

Once again we go back to the very basics, to where it all began. What the police did last night around the presidential palace was nothing but a simple reminder of how things are just the same. Those who fell victim to the illusion of change should now wake up and see things for what …

Review: Columnists debate Morsy’s poor performance

Several columnists have denounced Morsy’s recent visit to Germany as an example of his failure to consider the deteriorating political situation in Egypt, criticising his decision to visit Berlin amid the political uproar. Some highlight that many Egyptians regret their choice of Morsy as president.   The failing trip to Germany Mohamed Salmawi Al-Masry Al-Youm …

The presidency released a statement while Mohamed Morsy was in Berlin welcoming the Al-Azhar initiative (AFP Photo / Odd Andersen)

Reactions to Al-Azhar plan

Grand Imam approves plan to bring FJP, NSF, Church and others together to agree on basis for national dialogue on political crisis

Review: Commentaries denounce Morsy’s call for dialogue

After President Mohamed Morsy met with a number of politicians in a new round of dialogue talks, several opinion writers have denounced the move, believing it is another failed attempt at fruitless dialogue.   Replacing the cabinet is the first solution Diaa Rashwan Al-Masry Al-Youm Rashwan believes that the only way out of this crisis …

Rana Allam

Conjuring the demon

Morsy, you are now face to face with those who have lost everything, including their hope for a better future and their faith in you

Review: Columnists criticise presidency and violence

Opinion writers have condemned the presidency for its passive reaction towards the violence that continues to take place in many Egyptian cities. Although President Mohamed Morsy has called for dialogue with a number of political figures after addressing the nation in a televised speech on Sunday evening, more than one writer has placed the full …