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Ayman Okeil, GM of Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights

Civil society and the challenges of the law

Civil society was one of the key actors in the Egyptian political and social movement, witnessed during the last 10 years. This movement led to two great revolutionary waves on 25 January, 2011, and 30 June, 2013. The first one was against a corrupt system that came through rigged elections. The second was against a …

Farid Zahran

We are all Shaimaa Al-Sabbagh

Martyr Shaimaa Al-Sabbagh was not, of course, the first victim after 30 June. We do not know exactly how many innocent Egyptians have been killed since 30 June. By that, we mean unarmed and peaceful citizens killed, without any use of direct violence in clashing with the authorities, which would, only in this case, result …

Tamarod, or "Rebellion", was founded in early 2013 to force Islamist president Mohamed Morsi and his government to step down. 

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Is Tamarod still relevant?

The group’s request to establish a political party was rejected by Supreme Electoral Commission on 3 December