Nile Cotton Ginning Company workers stage protest

Adham Youssef
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Around 2,000 quarries have been closed, which may lead to the suspension of 45,000 workers (Photo by Mohamed Assad\File )

Dozens of workers in the Nile Cotton Ginning Company (NCGC) staged a protest Monday in front of Itihadiya Palace in Cairo demanding the return of their company to the ownership of the government.


The workers said the government is ignoring their misfortunes, and they vowed to continue their strike.

The NCGC was sold in 1997 to a group of investors at a time when the company had manpower of up to 5,000 workers and was making profits, of which the workers received shares, according to the latest budgets before the sale.

In the same day, workers from the Egyptian Holding Company for Land Reclamation have been holding a strike since Monday morning demanding payment of late salaries held since May 2015.

The strike took place in front of the company’s headquarters in downtown Cairo, where the workers told Daily News Egypt that they will continue pressuring the company until the demands are met.

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