EGP 3.82bn in investments for electricity distribution networks in 2016

Mohamed Farag
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42% of electricity capacity spent in domestic use, only 35% goes to industrial use (AFP Photo)

The Egyptian Electricity Holding Company allocated EGP3.82bn to lay distribution lines, transformers, and cables of medium and low voltage for 2016.

A source at the company said electricity distribution companies need 79 medium-voltage dispensers that cost EGP 24.8m, medium voltage network lines 1,375km long that cost of EGP 234.9m, and 3,498km long cables that will cost EGP 1.2bn.

The expansion plan of low-voltage grid includes 3,504km long of lines that cost EGP 350m, in addition to 2,271km long cables that will cost EGP 272m.

The holding company also intends to contract for 1,036 distribution transformers, 9,120 capacity distribution transformers with a total value of EGP 1.6bn, and 6,347 low voltage transformers.

The Ministry of Electricity aims to raise the efficiency of existing stations in the upcoming period and to continue implementing the strategy of converting simple cycle stations to operate combined cycles, which will save one third of fuel consumption. The ministry will expand in producing electricity from new and renewable sources.

The holding company will also develop and strengthen electricity transmission and distribution grids to reduce loss rates and will implement the smart network system for all grids. It will also establish new departments to improve energy efficiency of all power companies and provide technical support for all state agencies and departments.

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