Al-Sisi orders establishment of ‘Bank of Knowledge’

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By Toqa Ezzidin

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi met a number of heads of publishing houses and technology companies on Saturday that aim to provide knowledge and educational sciences on the Internet internationally.

According to presidency spokesperson Alaa Youssef, during the meeting Al-Sisi praised the members of the specialised councils for education and scientific research for their efforts to execute the Egyptian Bank of Knowledge project in coordination with other ministries.

Youssef said the supervisor of the specialised councils, Tarek Shawky, described in a speech the features of the Egyptian Bank of Knowledge project that is set to be executed based on Al-Sisi’s vision. It was discussed on “Science Day” in 2014, to develop Egyptian society into one that can “learn, think, and innovate”.

Shawky said this bank will be the largest digital library in the world and will provide scientific content to all researchers and Egyptians. Work on the project will start immediately and the bank will be activated on the Internet within two months and will be available on all computers, laptops, and smart phones.

Youssef said the project will have a significant role in developing the scientific research system in Egypt by providing information to researchers and scholars. The significant role of technology is in spreading knowledge and contributing to development processes though Youssef warned against using it to promote false information, or support terrorism, and terrorists groups.

Al-Sisi confirmed during the meeting the importance of education as one of the vital ways to achieve progress, noting that the results of its development appear in the medium- and long-terms.

Youssef said Al-Sisi started the meeting with one-minute of silence for the victims of the attacks in Paris on Friday.

Al-Sisi said low education levels and the absence of awareness in culture and religious rhetoric are the main causes of terrorism and extremism, according to Youssef.

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