British Gas to finish connecting 500m cubic feet per day in Al-Borolos fields

Mohamed Adel
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Gas holding company EGAS will complete the connection of 500m cubic feet of gas per day for the A9 project in the Al-Borolos fields, which are affiliated with British Gas, in November, according to an EGAS official.

Next week, a well will be connected to stage A9 production, and four production wells were introduced last month. Average production capacity per well is 60m-70m cubic feet of gas per day.

The remaining three wells will be finished in November, and total output for the Al-Borolos fields will reach 1.1bn cubic feet per day, compared to the current 880m, upon completion. According to the official, Egypt’s total production of gas will increase to 5bn cubic feet per day starting November, compared to 4.7bn feet at present.

The official also added that British Gas allocated $1.6bn to implement stage A9 in the Al-Borolos fields, located in the Mediterranean, to produce gas during the year.

He explained that stage A9 was planned to enter into production in the beginning of this year, but partners delayed implementation due to significant debts owed by the government.

Egypt is facing a crisis in gas production as a result of foreign partners slowing research and development operations in the petroleum sector over the past years due to the accumulating debts that the government owes partners.

The Ministry of Petroleum is now working on paying 30% of dues to foreign partners during 2014 in a push to urge them to speed up agreed upon production plans to increase gas production, according to the official.

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