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Suspects in Mortada Mansour assassination attempt arrested

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Ultras White Knights group says members’ homes were raided; Ministry of Interior denied allegations

Zamalek Sporting Club President Mortada Mansour. (DNE File Photo)

Zamalek Sporting Club President Mortada Mansour.
(DNE File Photo)

The Ultras White Knights group raised claims of house raids after several members were arrested for the assassination attempt of Zamalek Sporting Club President Mortada Mansour.

The ultras group accused police of arresting members’ parents in order to force their children to turn themselves in. Interior ministry spokesman Hany Abdel Latif denied the arrest of group members’ parents and said the Giza Security Directorate arrested seven suspects and is in pursuit of others.

A source within the ultras group said the arrested are accused of several charges, including “attempted murder”. He said they are being “mistreated” and “humiliated”. They were presented to prosecution on Tuesday but lawyers were not permitted to be present, the group says.

The assassination attempt on Mansour took place inside the sporting club on Sunday at dawn. Subsequently, Mansour told local sports website FilGoal that he was leaving the club when he was told to duck because of “gunfire”.  Two of the people accompanying him were shot, one in the back of his head, and the other sustained several bullet wounds.

Mansour claimed he could identify the perpetrators and named them. Immediately after the failed attempt, Mansour went to the police station.

Disputes have been common in the relationship between the Ultras White Knights and Mansour. A member within the group said Mansour is “fighting the group” and that group members are currently banned from entering the sporting club.

On Saturday, the group released a video and song on Mansour, describing him in offensive terms, including one which suggests that he serves the regime. The group has questioned the truth of his assassination attempt.

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