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Egypt ranks sixth in number of photos in Instagramers Gallery among Arab countries

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Participants in the platform get the chance to win a daily reward

Instagramers Gallery provides an online platform for users of Instagram to share their photos with a wider audience (Photo from Instagramers Gallery)

Instagramers Gallery provides an online platform for users of Instagram to share their photos with a wider audience
(Photo from Instagramers Gallery)

Since the birth of the first photograph in 1826, more than 3.5tn photos were created in the world. Images are currently being taken at the rate of 380bn per year. At this rate, it will take the world 9.2 years to double the amount of photos to more than 7tn.

This was highlighted by Phil Gonzalez, co-founder of Instagramers Gallery, the world’s largest online photo gallery, on which the UAE ranks as number one among Arab countries in using the leading photo platform. The website is a virtual photo gallery, based on a massive photography platform, which enables users to share their photographs with the world.

Other Arab counties on the list in descending order are Saudi Arabia (second rank), Kuwait (third rank), Lebanon (fourth rank), Morocco (fifth rank) and Egypt (sixth rank). Other Arab countries active on the platform as well are Qatar, Bahrain, Syria, Yemen, Algeria, Tunisia, Oman, Iraq, Libya and Sudan.

He added: “Analogue photos are less than 4bn among the 380bn photos taken around the world in 2011. At the start of the 21st century, analogue photos were 86bn, declining to 4bn and likely to reduce further in coming years.”

Instagramers Gallery expects further demand from the UAE as smartphone ownership has outstripped the global average by 30%, according to a recent survey by research consultancy TNS Global.

Jorge Martínez, co-founder of Instagramers Gallery, added: “According to the study, around 78% of UAE population owns a smartphone, compared to the global average of 42%. Also, nearly 40% of UAE consumers either own or are looking to own a tablet. Furthermore, 34% use their smartphones to access social networking sites. All this will fuel social media photography further in the UAE.”

Sparked in Miami, US, and launched worldwide including the Arab world, the Instagramers Gallery is a leading online platform that promotes photography in the Instagram format.

Martínez said: “It is a great tool for people to showcase their world. Most of the photos being posted on the photo platform from the UAE are of the categories of People, Travels, Art, Beauty, Family, Landscape and Love.”

A series of prizes are offered for those who participate in the gallery. The Photo-Day Prize is picked daily by participants. The total value of prizes offered will reach $100,000, making the Instagramers Photo Prize the largest photography prize ever awarded via social media.

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