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Opposition movements call for Friday rally

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Fouda: “We will rally in celebration of the liberation of Sinai”

Thousands of opponents of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi pray during a protest calling for his ouster at Cairo's landmark Tahrir Square on June 30, 2013.  (AFP Photo)

Thousands of opponents of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi pray during a protest calling for his ouster at Cairo’s landmark Tahrir Square on June 30, 2013.
(AFP Photo)

By Kanzy Mahmoud

Al-Tayar A-Sha’aby, the June 30 Front, Tamarod, the National Salvation Front (NSF), the NSF Youth and other opposition movements have called for a rally on Friday 19 July in Egypt’s “revolutionary squares” to confirm the gains of the January 25th Revolution.

Secretary of the Free Egyptians Party Hossam Fouda said that the June 30 Front will hold a press conference Tuesday, titled NSF Youth, in Al-Wafd Party headquarters to call for a rally on Friday, where they will be hosting a collective Iftar followed by Sohour in Tahrir Square and other revolutionary squares.

The reason for the rally is to “confirm the gains of January 25th Revolution and to celebrate 10 Ramadan, the liberation of Sinai (during the October War of 1973),” said Fouda, adding “We ensure that the Egyptian army is doing an amazing job in liberating Sinai today (from terrorist attacks) as it did 10 Ramadan.”

Al-Tayar A-Sha’aby released an official statement Saturday calling on the Egyptian people to rally on Monday in Tahrir square and in front of Itihadiya Palace after having performed Isha and Tarawih prayers. The statement added that the people should rally daily until Friday 19 July.

The NSF also released an official statement Sunday calling for a rally as well as a collective Iftar and Sohour in Tahrir Square and in front of Itihadeya Palace on Friday under the name of Friday of Victory and Crossing in celebration of the Egyptian army’s Suez Canal crossing in 1973, and to stress the importance of achieving the goals of the “25 January and 30 June Revolutions.”

The NSF also emphasized its “loyalty to the will of the people and its dedication to confirming the gains of January 25th Revolution” as well as the roadmap agreed upon by national forces 3 July 2013, read the statement.

Tamarod media spokesperson Mai Wahba said: “We ask the people to rally on Friday under the name of ‘No to Terrorism’.”

NSF and Al-Tayar A-Sha’aby were not available for comment.

  • sam enslow

    This is becoming a business. Working harder and harder to find reasons to rally. Maybe this time would be better spent studying how to craft a positive message for the people of Egypt, identify problems in Egypt and propose methods of solving them. It is not enough just to point out what others are doing wrong. You must able to say what you are doing right. I would believe that all the contacts made gathering signatures, gave the people of the 30 June Movement opportunities to listen to the people of Egypt.

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