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Al Nour party delegation to visit Ethiopia

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Al Nour Party is organising a national delegation to visit Ethiopia while the minister of foreign affairs is travelling next week.

Bakkar said that broadcasting Morsi’s interview at 1.30am signified that the institution of the presidency is hesitant ( Photo courtesy of Facebook Fan Page )

Nader Bakkar, official spokesperson for Al-Nour Party, said they have done “extensive research” about the Nile water issue

By Mahitab Assran

Al Nour party is organising a national delegation from several political and social factions in Egypt to “go very soon to Ethiopia as a means of parallel diplomacy” to that of the government’s, according to the party’s spokesperson Nader Bakkar.

Bakkar said that Al Nour party has done “extensive research” about the issue and has contacted previous ministers and diplomats who have tried to tackle the issue in the past. Bakkar added that “everyone we’ve contacted so far was happy to help and join”.

Mohamed Kamel Amr, Minister of Foreign Affairs is to visit Ethiopia next week according to state owned Al-Ahram newspaper. The visit is to discuss the possibility of a three-way talk between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia mainly to find a solution for the Renaissance Dam issue and each country’s share of the Nile water.

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