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The Brotherhood does not arrest people: Ghozlan

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In a letter to a newspaper, Muslim Brotherhood spokesman denies mobilising members ahead of presidential decisions

Clashes between pro and anti-Muslim Brotherhood protesters outside the Brotherhood's main headquarters in Moqattam on 22 March 2013

Clashes between pro and anti-Muslim Brotherhood protesters outside the Brotherhood’s main headquarters in Moqattam on 22 March 2013

Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Mahmoud Ghozlan denied reports that his group mobilises its members in anticipation of presidential decisions.

In a letter to independent Al-Shorouk newspaper, the spokesman refuted claims made in an article published in the paper on Tuesday 26 March 2013. The article stated that the Brotherhood’s Shura Council met on Monday following Friday’s Moqattam clashes to discuss how the group would respond.

“It is simply not true that any meeting of the Brotherhood Shura Council or the Guidance Bureau was held,” said Ghozlan.

He also denied that the Muslim Brotherhood “arrested” anti-Brotherhood demonstrators. “The Brotherhood does not impose house arrests not shutter media outlets, because Brotherhood members never style themselves as judges over people or institutions, nor they break the law like many others do.”

Ghozlan blamed reports indicating the Brotherhood knew of presidential decisions beforehand for “inciting political forces against the Brotherhood, stirring up discord in society, deepening the political divide, and destroying social and political bonds.”

Multiple reports and eyewitness testimonies indicate that Brotherhood supporters detained others during clashes at the presidential palace in December and last Friday when violence erupted near the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Moqattam.

Leaders of Belal bin Rabah Mosque in Moqattam accused Brotherhood supporters of storming and taking control of the mosque.

Last week’s clashes left over 200 injured. President Mohamed Morsi condemned the wave of violence, claiming foreign enemies were seeking to sow discord amongst the Egyptian people.

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