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Review: Op-Ed pages denounce Morsy and his speech

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After President Mohamed Morsy’s speech declaring a state of emergency in three Canal cities on Sunday, many writers have criticized his performance amid the current crisis.

Alaa Al-Aswany
Why does Morsy kill Egyptians?
Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper

Alaa Al-Aswany

Morsy cannot claim that all those who demand his departure are only remnants of the old regime, Al-Aswany states. Even socialists and some liberals who supported him were not fully convinced he was the most suitable candidate for Egypt’s presidency. The writer says the majority of those who casted their votes to Morsy intended nothing more but to prevent Ahmed Shafiq and the old regime from winning.

Al-Aswany recalls the first morning after Morsy was elected president and called for dialogues with political groups. The columnist was optimistic that Morsy would bring Egypt hope for a better and more stable future. However, after a couple of months from assuming his position, Morsy proved to Egyptians that he is completely detached from ordinary citizens and what was happening in the streets.

Egyptians have realized that they haven’t elected a president, but a representative of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Palace. Those who follow the death count of Egyptians in the past few days understand that Morsy’s mask has fallen. He makes televised speeches threatening and warning the nation and then calls for a peaceful round of dialogue sessions. Al-Aswany finally addresses Morsy and asks him to fetch the killers of innocent Egyptians and send them to trial or he will face the same fate of Mubarak.
Mohamed Salmawi
The presidential speech
Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper

Mohamed Salmawi

Salmawi asks: did Morsy need a presidential speech to announce the state of emergency on three Canal cities? The writer criticises Morsy’s latest speech in which he wagged his finger at those responsible the violence and killings across the country. He argues that a president should only make such speeches for decisions regarding a special nature.

Salmawi gives an example when late president Gamal Abdel Nasser addressed the nation announcing the nationalization of the Suez Canal. In the writer’s opinion, a decision as important as that would definitely merit an address from the president; the announcement declaring a state of emergency for three cities should have come from Mory’s spokesperson or even the prime minister.

Egyptians had been awaiting Morsy’s speech for at least three hours. Instead of trying to calm the situation and make Egyptians feel at ease, his speech focused on strict security procedures and new orders to obey. Salmawi praises late President Anwar El-Sadat when he addressed the nation calmly during the 18 and 19 January protests in 1977. Morsy’s latest speech has proven his lack of political experience and ability to manage crises like the one Egypt is currently facing.

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