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Freedom of the press challenged again

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Another investigation launched in to the editor of Tahrir for contempt of religion and insulting the president

An investigation into the editor of El Tahrir newspaper has been ordered by Prosecutor General Tala’at Abdallah.

Ibrahim Eissa will face an investigation for contempt of religion following claims that he mocked the Quran and the call to prayer, according to state-owned news agency Ahram.

Eissa is accused of using the words of the Quran to mock President Mohamed Morsy. The original verse at issue translates “gone from me is my authority.” Eissa then played on the phonetics of one of the words in the verse, which means ‘authority’ to mock Morsy, according to Ahram.

Eissa’s comment effectively said that Morsy is unfit to be president. Ahram reported that he also sarcastically spoke of Islamic law in reference to cutting of a thief’s hand.

Eissa was unavailable for comment.

Ahram also reported that the editor of El Wafd newspaper has been summoned by the prosecutor general to answer questions over publishing a story which claimed that former chairman of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, Mohamed Tantawi, attempted to influence the judges involved in the ongoing Port Said massacre trial.

Eissa, along with a number of other journalists and activists have previously been investigated for insulting Morsy. Popular satirist Bassem Youssef has also faced charges of insulting the president.

Last week three members of the 6 April youth movement appeared in court to answer charges of insulting the president after they sprayed graffiti on a poster of Morsy.

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