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ICC to investigate war crimes in Palestine

Palestine welcomes move, but Netanyahu and Pompeo are not happy 

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Investigation must be conducted for possible war crimes in Yemen: rights groups

Human rights groups have called for an extensive investigation for possible war…

Adham Youssef Adham Youssef

Amnesty: Syrian rebels guilty of ‘war crimes’

Amnesty International says some Syrian opposition groups are carrying out abductions, torture…

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High civilian casualties in Russian air strikes in Syria may constitute war crimes: Amnesty International

Moscow-based analyst questions reliance on witness testimony and Amnesty's institutional bias

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UN issues record aid appeal amid unprecedented ‘human suffering’

A growing number of conflicts and natural disasters are spreading misery across…

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UN report on Gaza levels accusations against both sides

Israel rejected report, Hamas applauded condemnation of possible Israeli war crimes

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Egypt rebuts ‘nonsense’ reports of potential war crimes in Libya airstrikes

Amnesty International documents killings of civilians, whom it claims Egypt failed to…

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Why Bush and Blair should be prosecuted for war crimes

By Dr Cesar Chelala Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair recently stated that…

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Nuremberg is valid precedent for Iraq War Trials

By Dr Cesar Chelala As the number of deaths continues unabated in Iraq –the…

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Bangladesh Islamist sentenced to hang for war genocide

The 61-year-old Kamaruzzaman is the fourth person to be convicted by the…

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