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Five key questions on Iraq’s election

AFP – Five key questions about Iraq’s general election on Wednesday. Who are the candidates? 9,039 candidates from 277 political blocs are standing for a seat in the 328-strong parliament. More than 20 million Iraqis are eligible to vote, with 48,796 polling stations nationwide. Tribal allegiances and sectarian affiliations play a key role in voting. …

Daily News Egypt

Factfile on Iraq

AFP – Basic facts about Iraq, where the first parliamentary election since 2010 will be held on Wednesday amid the country’s worst violence in years. Geography: Bordered by Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Kuwait, Iraq has a narrow outlet to the sea on the Gulf, and a surface area of 438,317 square kilometres …

Daily News Egypt

Key dates in Iraq since US 2003 invasion

AFP – Iraq, where legislative elections take place on Wednesday, has for more than a year seen an upsurge of violence. The unrest has been principally driven by anger in the Sunni Arab community over alleged mistreatment at the hands of the Shi’a-led government and security forces, as well as a spillover from the civil …

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