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Malaria deaths down 60%: WHO

A World Health Organization/UNICEF report claims more than 6 million lives have been saved from malaria over the past 15 years. Several countries are on the verge of eliminating the disease, health officials have said.

Deutsche Welle

Public health challenges in the Middle East

By Dr Cesar Chelala Despite modest growth and poverty reduction, some important gains in the health status of the population have been achieved in the Middle East, thanks to improvements in technology, health service delivery and public health programmes. However, the whole region still faces important public health challenges. For example, although the region has decreasing …

Daily News Egypt

Palestinian children are children too

By Dr Cesar Chelala A friend who lives in Tel Aviv recently told me, “We are so shocked by the death of this little four-year-old boy….he was such a beautiful child. The whole country is in shock.” She was referring to the death of Daniel Tragerman, who was killed in his home in Sha’ar Hanegev by …

Daily News Egypt

How to defeat bullying

By Dr Cesar Chelala For Iranian eight-year-old Mahan Rahimi life had become a torment. Because he was going bald due to an unknown illness, he was the target of unceasing bullying from his companions at school. He had become one of the millions of children and adolescents who suffer the daily consequences of bullying throughout the …

Daily News Egypt