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Russian opposition enraged at smear documentary

By Maria Antonova / AFP Activists in Russia’s protest movement against Vladimir Putin on Friday furiously criticized a documentary aired on a national channel that claimed the opposition bribed people to attend rallies. The film, called “Anatomy of a Protest” aired late Thursday on NTV, one of Russia’s popular television channels, alleging the opposition handed out money …


Anti-Putin forces vow protests after mass arrests

By Dmitry Zaks / AFP MOSCOW: Russia’s opposition vowed to wage a campaign of civil disobedience Tuesday after police detained hundreds in rallies against Vladimir Putin’s crushing victory in polls. “Tens of thousands will be coming out on the streets of Moscow and other cities and refusing to leave,” popular blogger Alexei Navalny told reporters after …


A strategy for Russia’s Snow Revolution

By Mischa Gabowitsch MOSCOW: Nonviolent revolutions do not always remain nonviolent, as the examples of uprisings in Egypt, Libya, and Syria in the Arab Spring have shown. But peaceful movements for regime change often do succeed. They have toppled illegitimate rulers, as with the post-Soviet “color revolutions” in Georgia and Ukraine, and ended apartheid in South …


All-girl Russian punk band rages against Putin

Wrapped up against Russia’s midwinter in vivid balaclavas, brightly colored mini-dresses and not much else, eight members of an all-girl punk group stood on a platform in Red Square and started an impromptu show. "Riot in Russia!" they screamed, before taunting Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and urging Russians to hit the streets in protest. The …


Peeling, meeting, and shopping

By Esther Dyson NEW YORK: In mid-December, while trying to understand what was happening in Russia, I checked Twitter and found a tweet that somehow signified everything. It was from a young woman, and it said, in Russian: “Gotta sleep! Tomorrow I go to [face] peeling, then to meeting, and then to shopping.” All three words …


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