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Death toll of capsized migrant boat reaches 148

Rescue operations are still ongoing

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Puerto Rico defaults amid hopes for US rescue

Puerto Rico has suspended all payments on its multi-billion dollar debt after…

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Italian navy rescues around 1,000 migrants

Most of the migrants and asylum seekers arriving in Italy come from…

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Rugum: Rescue plan for the Sinai Mountains

By Ahmed Shams, PhD A community response and essential maps The outline…

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Hopes fade for missing climbers after Nepal avalanche

The Nepal avalanche leaves two French climbers and one Canadian missing

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Egypt’s buildings continue collapsing

More buildings collapse in both Alexandria and Assiut

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Building collapses in Shobra, kills eight

Eight dead, eleven injured during the four-floor building collapse

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Under the weight of sanctions, Iran hit by earthquakes

Disaster comes as country already suffering under the weight of international sanctions

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