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Ramses and Pharaohs’ Gold exhibition opens in Paris on Thursday

French Minister of Culture Rima Abdelmalek will open the exhibition, which will…

Shaimaa Raafat Shaimaa Raafat

Trial of Ramses train crash postponed to September 1 

Fourteen defendants accused of negligence which resulted in death of 31 people

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Ministry defends using excavator to extract Ramses II statue

Archaeologists have discovered the quartzite head and bust of one of the…

Adham Youssef Adham Youssef

Ninth postponement of mass trial for 494, including Irish citizen

Irish teenager spent over two-years imprisoned without conviction and faces the death…

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Controversial TV host Mona Iraqi handed prison sentence

Case against Iraqi for Ramses trial also ongoing

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Exploring the Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum is overwhelming - get the scope on what to…

Sharif Paget Sharif Paget

Mona Iraqi, TV channel owner face court over ‘bathhouse sting’

Pair to be charged with false news and defamation, but one of…

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26 Ramsis bathhouse defendants acquitted

Defendants’ lawyer vows to file lawsuit against journalist who reported and filmed…

Adham Youssef Adham Youssef

Ramses bath house trial verdict postponed to 12 January

Defence questions legality of arrests, accuses police of allowing media to film…

Adham Youssef Adham Youssef

First court session for high-profile Ramses ‘gay’ bathhouse case postponed

Accused protested their innocence and reported daily beatings, while families were ejected…

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