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Parliament to discuss law allowing preachers to issue fatwas

Parliament is currently gearing to vote on a law granting preachers affiliated…

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Preachers demand salary increase, resignation of Endowments Minister

The demonstrators demanded to have the same rights as Al-Azhar preachers and…

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Despite friendly statements, Al-Azhar continues to oppose unified Friday sermon

Sermon should not divide Muslims, says Minister of Religious Endowments

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Al-Azhar rejects unified written Friday sermon

Ministry of Religious Endowments imposed the decision to allegedly “regulate religious discourse”

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Unified Friday sermon is not oppression: endowments minister

Head of the preaching department reasserts that the concept is not political

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Upcoming unified Friday sermon to discuss ‘cleanliness’

While a number of preachers have expressed discontent with the condition, a…

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Top clerics reject Ministry of Endowment’s unified sermon decision

In the second week of the newly adopted directive, Friday’s sermon addressed…

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14 Salafi leaders acquitted

Defendants expected to be released Monday, to be put under probation

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Preachers divided on unified written Friday sermon

On Friday, Minister of Endowments Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa read out the sermon…

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