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Morsi’s defense team appeals verdict in ‘Qatar espionage’ case

The appeal aims to cancel the death and prison sentences issued against…

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14 Salafi leaders acquitted

Defendants expected to be released Monday, to be put under probation

Adham Youssef Adham Youssef

Morsi sentenced to life in ‘Qatar espionage’ case

Sentence comes one day after the former president was supposed to complete…

Adham Youssef Adham Youssef

Men’s hair takes centre stage in battle over legitimacy of political Islam

The Muslim world’s battle over the legitimacy of political Islam has expanded…

James Dorsey James Dorsey

Egyptian Islamists’ views differ on Yemeni conflict

Amid support from government-led Sunni institutions, movements warn of Egyptian military intervention,…

Adham Youssef Adham Youssef

Who supports terrorist forces in the ongoing wars?

There is a war, or rather wars, taking place in the Middle…

Farid Zahran Farid Zahran

Egyptian government serves political Islam: EIPR

Official Islamic scholars aim to face extremist thought, but state uses authoritarian…

Aya Nader Aya Nader

Politicised imams will be banned from orating: Ministry of Endowment

Salafi Al-Nour Party argues that citizens should not be denied “constitutional rights”…

AbdelHalim H. AbdAllah AbdelHalim H. AbdAllah

Possible merger of opposition parties

Four non-Islamist parties are considering merging into Al-Dostour Party

Fady Salah Fady Salah

Review: new political coalitions and ways to combat religious offences

As political parties continue their pursuit of establishing solidified alliances for the…

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