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Tarek Al- Awady: the man who chose to throw a stone in the politically stagnant waters of a turbulent Egypt

On 15 November Tarek Al-Awady, a middle-aged Egyptian lawyer famous for defending…

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Release of Mahienour El-Massry and Youssef Shaaban delayed

The two activists have finished their prison term, and their families condemn…

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Freedom of expression twist far beyond changing Protest Law

The regime has no interest in an open political sphere, say human…

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Five international institutions critical of human rights conditions in Egypt in March

‘Foreign claims motivated by own interests, not protection of human rights’ says…

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Local NGOs condemn recent travel bans against political activists

Frequent, illegal travel bans turn Egyptian borders into mass prison, the joint…

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Letters from prison: Political activists caught between hope and uncertainty

Revolution is ongoing just as life and dreams are ongoing, says Mahinour…

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Pardoned prisoners’ fate in hands of Interior Ministry: Lawyers

Seven remain in detention as prison authorities apply “unreasonable bureaucracy”

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The ‘executions judge’ Nagy Shehata

Meet the man behind the Al Jazeera, Operations Room and Cabinet Clashes…

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Activists’ trial in Alexandria postponed until 21 June

Trial of 10 activists for burning Freedom and Justice Party headquarters postponed…

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Tamarod launches new political awareness campaign

The campaign aims to educate Egyptians about their legal rights, and how…

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