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You have to let the novel choose its own identity: Amr El Gendy

After the great success of his remarkable novels Foga, 9 Milli (9 Millimeters), 313, and Msya, and his two short story collections For the Sake of Devil and Strangers, Amr El Gendy hit the book market with a new novel called Entehar Bera-ehat Al Qoronfol (Suicide With the Scent of Cloves). Although he switched from …

Rana Khaled

The Book of Saladin: A Novel by Tariq Ali

The Book of Saladin

The novel is not action-packed in the conventional sense of the word, nor does graphic detail seem to be Ali’s style. Rather, its beauty lies in the simple philosophy that characterizes Saladin and the narrator’s meetings, the voice of dissent and skepticism that is one of Saladin’s wives and all the other tiny details that slot together into a rich mosaic of this often-misunderstood era.

Ahmed Khalifa

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