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Court upholds 6-month sentences for political activists Douma, Maher, Adel

The court rejected the appeal submitted by the activists, in which they…

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The mysterious case of falsely imprisoned Ahmed Abdel Rahman

In a different country, it would be a policeman fending off against…

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Egypt’s young activists face crackdown, repression: Amnesty International

“The country has reverted fully to being a police state,” rights group…

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Defence lawyer referred to prosecution after accusing judge of bias

Cabinet clashes trial postponed to 22 November

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Activist Douma’s trial postponed

Political activist remains in prison despite request for hospitalisation

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Hunger strikes see rising use as protest in Egypt’s jails

Soltan has abstained from food for over 150 days.

Jihad Abaza Jihad Abaza

Activist Ahmed Douma’s trial postponed

Delay for court to investigate confiscated material

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Sisi’s ideal first decision: Release the detained youth

By Emad Al-Din Hussein   Field Marshal Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi was sworn…

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Cabinet clashes trial postponed to 11 May

Ahmed Douma, 268 others on trial for 2011 violence

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6 April Youth Movement banned

Critics argue that the case did not belong in Cairo Court for…

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