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Social Solidarity Ministry adds sign language to marriage awareness platform

Mawadda platform raises awareness on family life, empowers young people who are…

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Dar Al-Ifta rejects proposed ‘trial marriage’, calling it invalid

Lawyer Ahmed Mahran recently sparked controversy after posting photos of proposed trial…

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Hiding in plain sight: Marital rape still not criminalised in Egypt

Many Egyptian women suffer marital rape yet are given no recourse to…

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Graduation project tackles reducing Egypt’s divorce rates

Young students set up ‘Abl El Bedaya’ providing pre-marital counselling to young…

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MP suggests raising legal marriage age for females to 21

Rise in child marriages result of economic conditions, lack of girls’ awareness…

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83% of Egyptians believe that education improves girls’ chances of marriage: NCW

‘Nasalak’ mobile application whereby users ask, answer questions through it

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‘Etgawez’ application offers solutions for couples about to get married

Application helps in choosing design of wedding dais, lighting, procession, says Faheem

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Buying apartment is no longer obstacle to marriage for many Egyptian youth

For decades, Egyptian youth have suffered from prerequisite of owning apartment

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Indonesia: why underage girls are marrying

Two separate underage couples held weddings in Indonesia last week after seeking…

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How can women achieve happiness after marriage?

Newly-wed couples regularly suffer much from the fear of the unknown and…

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