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Getting Egypt right: Policy challenges for the EU and the US

The EU and Egypt: Repeating past mistakes?

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

Constituent Assembly make-up draws mixed reactions

Islamists decry lack of sufficient representation in amending constitution

Fady Ashraf Fady Ashraf

Review: Columnists continue to criticise the Muslim Brotherhood

Op-Ed pages in major Egyptian newspapers continued to analyse the chaotic situation…

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

Tahrir Squared: the discussion continues

There is no stopping the train, and it is important to do…

H.A. Hellyer H.A. Hellyer

Embrace each other ya Egyptians

By Hussein Abdrabbu The political scene in Egypt has become increasingly hazy…

Fady Salah Fady Salah

Morsy strikes Mubarak cronies and liberals

Despite the western impression of Egyptians rejecting President Morsy’s constitutional declaration, the…

Fady Salah Fady Salah

NGOs reject draft constitution

Over two hundred NGOs join campaign

Hend Kortam Hend Kortam

Liberals vs Salafis: The fight to contain the Muslim Brotherhood ?

Power comes with great responsibilities, especially when Egypt is in such a…

Mustafa Salama Mustafa Salama

Morsy discussed constitution with Moussa, Aboul Fotouh, Sabahi

Attempting to reach a national consensus, Morsy opts for dialogue

Luiz Sanchez Luiz Sanchez

The Angry “Liberal”?

In any ideological struggle or clash of discourses original ideas may not…

Mustafa Salama Mustafa Salama