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By  Khalil Al-Anani The new boogeyman of Egyptian politics is Salafism. A false assumption has been fabricated by Egypt’s liberal and secular currents who tend to exclude Islamists, particularly Salafis, from the new political scene in Egypt. Last Friday’s mass demonstration in Tahrir Square, which was led by Islamist groups and dominated by Salafis, has proven …


In Focus: Politics of Revenge

By Khalil Al-Anani CAIRO: The sole outcome of the recent Egyptian parliamentary elections is a powerless assembly. With no surprise in the sweeping victory of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP), the elections revealed its hideous face. For the sake of the analysis, one has to evoke the shadow of 2005 elections to grasp what happened …


The Brotherhood’s electorate

By Khalil Al-Anani CAIRO: Whereas the number of Muslim Brotherhood members is still a big secret, it’s not difficult to determine its electorate. Three categories of people tend to vote in favor of the Brotherhood (or the Ikhwan) candidates. First, there are those who are committed to Ikhwan’s religious and political ideology. They’ve been called “Ikhwan …


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