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Jews and Muslims in America: more in common than we think

By Joshua Stanton NEW YORK, New York: Contrary to common assumptions, many Jewish and Muslim Americans enjoy warm relations. Yet we are only beginning to understand how and why this is so. A Gallup report released last week goes a long way to explaining this unexpected trend, which shows that the two diverse communities have more …


Putting Muslim Americans on trial moves the US back

By Joshua Stanton NEW YORK, New York: It is a nightmare for an entire religious tradition to be put on the stand as a collective for the actions of an extreme few. It is worse still when the extreme few are such a miniscule fraction of the population. In spite of mounting evidence that Muslim Americans …


Muslims integral to American seminaries

By Joshua Stanton NEW YORK: Seminaries, higher education institutions where professors of religion and religious leaders train students to become clergy, have been present in the United States for centuries. Because seminary students are generally being trained as religious leaders who will oversee congregations, their seminary education has a powerful impact on these students’ future congregations. …


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