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Latest in Tag: Jordan and peace process

Jordan re-enters the fray

By Naseem Tarawnah While King Abdullah has managed to maneuver through the turbulent regional weather of the past decade, hardly a year passes without Jordanians such as myself are forced to wonder: what would his father King Hussein have done? The late monarch’s legacy is as defined by his pursuit of a peaceful resolution to the …


Jordan needs continued talks

By Mohammad K. Shiyyab The situation in the Middle East is unpredictable. At best, one can identify many processes as they unfold: the “Arab Spring”, the proliferation of political Islam, increasing Iranian influence in Iraq coupled with the recent US troop withdrawal there, the uncertain and unacceptable situation in Syria, troubled Turkish-Israeli relations and, more importantly, …


A futile exercise?

By Hassan A. Barari Jordan’s recent efforts to hold exploratory pre-negotiation talks between the Palestinians and the Israelis could not be more surprising. Over an extended period of time, King Abdullah II has reiterated his conviction that peace, although favorable, is not yet possible. Time and again, he has blamed Israel for the impasse in the …


Jordan hosts Israelis, Palestinians in rare meeting

AMMAN: Israeli and Palestinian negotiators gather in the Jordanian capital on Tuesday for their first face-to-face meeting in 16 months, but both sides insisted full-blown talks remained some way off. Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh, who was to host the meeting between Israel’s chief negotiator Yitzhak Molcho and his Palestinian counterpart Saeb Erakat, said it …


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