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Thousands of Iraqis defy curbs to protest

BAGHDAD: Thousands of protesters massed Friday in cities and towns across Iraq after streaming in on foot in defiance of vehicle bans for rallies over corruption, unemployment and poor public services. The demonstrations come after nationwide protests in more than a dozen cities a week ago, which spurred Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki to give his …


Iraq PM gives cabinet 100-day ultimatum after demos

BAGHDAD: Iraq’s prime minister warned his cabinet on Sunday to shape up within 100 days or face "changes" as a third provincial governor stepped down following massive nationwide demonstrations. Nuri al-Maliki’s remarks came as protest organizers called for a fresh set of rallies on Friday, March 4, to mark a year since landmark parliamentary elections …


Looters hit opposition offices in north Iraq demos

ARBIL: A Kurdish regional opposition’s offices were targeted by looters, officials said Friday, after Iraq’s most violent protests since uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia left three dead in two days. Rallies against corruption, poor basic services and high unemployment in several cities across Iraq have also left more than 100 people wounded. The rare demonstrations …


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