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Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb

Al-Sisi forms North Sinai Development Committee headed by Mehleb

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi appointed Ibrahim Mehleb, former prime minister and current advisor to the president on national and strategic projects, as head of a new North Sinai developmental committee on Tuesday. According to the presidential decree, the committee will be responsible for a number of infrastructure projects that aim to improve the living conditions …

Nadine Awadalla

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Money for Asia: No big deal

Developing countries in Asia require huge sums of money to develop their infrastructure. The money’s there, yet investors are still reluctant. DW’s Andreas Becker reports from the ADB’s annual meeting in Frankfurt.

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Spurring Africa’s industrialization

Experts say the German government needs to do much more to spur investment in Africa by German industries. Establishment of special economic zones and new energy infrastructure are among the measures that would help. The Pope is in Kenya on the second day of his grand tour of Africa. Between speeches preaching family values, Pope …

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Redirecting the ECB’s financial firehose

A European Union advisory group representing nearly 400 business, labor and civil society organizations wants the European Central Bank to redirect its money creation powers toward funding new EU infrastructure. Meeting in Brussels, a couple of dozen sober-suited economists and other experts have quietly called for a revolution in the way the EU runs its …

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Mobinil plans to increase capital next year: CEO

In an interview with Daily News Egypt, Mobinil CEO Yves Gauthier discussed the latest developments regarding the company’s debt restructuring process. Gauthier also tackled the status of and challenges facing the telecom market in Egypt. How does Orange International evaluate the telecom market in Egypt? It’s a big market, the country has around 90 million …

Sara Aggour