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Two defendants acquitted from debauchery accusations

The Dokki Misdemeanour Court acquitted on Saturday two men accused of practising…

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AUC Times denounces MP attack on homosexuality article

The students-run magazine’s article on homosexuality drew controversy in a notoriously intolerant…

Menan Khater Menan Khater

11 ‘homosexuals’ arrested in pre-Eid morality raids

Arrests are an example of regular pre-Eid anti-vice campaigns, says researcher

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Controversial TV host Mona Iraqi handed prison sentence

Case against Iraqi for Ramses trial also ongoing

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4 individuals deported from Egypt over LGBT accusations in 2 months

One man reported being entrapped by meeting the ‘person’ through a fake…

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Homosexuals need treatment: Bishop Rafael

Commenting on the recent US ruling, the leading Bishop implied gay people…

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Homosexuals’ ongoing acceptance struggle increases as government crackdown tightened

Over 95 people were arrested in Egypt for same-sex conduct or gender…

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Net tightens on gays in Egypt as foreigners approved for deportation

All social classes in Egypt are homophobic, but it’s perceived as less…

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Mona Iraqi, TV channel owner face court over ‘bathhouse sting’

Pair to be charged with false news and defamation, but one of…

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Prosecution appeals Ramsis bathhouse verdict

Defendants were charged with participating and organising same-sex “orgies”

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