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Ethiopia rejects Arab League resolution supporting Egypt, Sudan on GERD issue

Arab Foreign Ministers meeting indicates Arab unity, says head of Arab League…

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Shoukry accuses Ethiopia of obstructing efforts to reach GERD agreement

Egypt firmly rejects Ethiopia dam’s second filling before reaching final agreement, says…

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US sanctions on Ethiopia should not be isolated from GERD dispute: African affairs Expert

Ethiopia responds to Egyptian-Sudanese military trainings by highlighting its strong army

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Ethiopia praises AU-led talks on GERD after harsh statement by Sudan

Khartoum affirms that Ethiopian efforts to disavow international agreements, treaties are irresponsible

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Ethiopian policy on GERD is leading to troubled region: Pundits

All options are open, President Al-Sisi's warnings are clear, says Hany Raslan

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Ethiopia suggests AU Assembly Bureau meeting to break GERD deadlock

Egypt officially announces failure of latest round of negotiations on Ethiopian dam,…

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Ethiopia invites Egypt, Sudan to nominate operators in data exchange on GERD’s 2nd filling

Move comes as part of Ethiopia’s continued policy to impose fait accompli,…

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Nile dam row: Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan fail to reach consensus on negotiation mechanism

Sudan insists on mandating experts designated by AU to propose solutions, agreement over…

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Trilateral ministerial meeting over GERD continues in Khartoum

The first phase of filling the GERD reservoir would begin in July…

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Tripartite committee discusses impact studies of Ethiopian dam

Talks come three days after Al-Sisi’s meeting with the Ethiopian foreign affairs…

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