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FEB, Planning Ministry join forces to empower women economically

The Federation of Egyptian Banks (FEB) and the Ministry of Planning and…

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Federation of Egyptian Banks contributes EGP 500m towards COVID-19 vaccine

Banks working in Egyptian market have donated over EGP 750m towards this…

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FEB refutes rumors of Egyptian banks funding GERD

Mohamed El-Etreby, FEB Chairperson stressed that there are no Egyptian banks, or…

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FEB orders obligatory mask-wearing in banks, starting next week

FEB called on citizens to abide by these procedures, so that banks…

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FEB donates EGP 700m to seasonal workers

The donations have been collected by banks, El-Etreby said in television statements…

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FEB, CBE launche initiative to support coronavirus affected

Bank donations divided into four segments according to 2019 profits

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El-Etreby tapped as FEB Chairperson for three-year term

Okasha as deputy chairperson, Abaza as treasurer

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FEB demarcates 25% of slums development budget for education: Ezz Al-Arab

FEB allocates EGP 100m for establishment of Egypt’s first sustainable school "Hawiytona”

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FEB allocates EGP 18.5m to develop two schools in Helwan

Federation adopted initiative to develop informal housing areas in Cairo and Giza

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Fayed selected as FEB board member

Banque du Caire's chairperson holds over 30 years of banking experience in…

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