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Al-Sisi receives Qatari, Saudi envoys

Diplomatic reconciliation between Qatar and Egypt resulted from Saudi and US pressure:…

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Shoukry reasserts Egyptian position on Iraqi unity in Baghdad trip

Egyptian Foreign Minister arrived in Baghdad after visiting Kuwait, where he held…

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Police detonate car bomb in Al-Arish, North Sinai

Armed forces arrest 18, including the alleged perpetrator of July’s Al-Farafra attack

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Arab Parliament ‘puts all resources at disposal’ of Palestinian leadership under Abbas

Abbas is expected to request that the UN implement provisions of the…

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Emergency airlift between Egypt and Tunisia ends

Thousands of Egyptians stuck at the Libyan-Tunisian border area have been evacuated

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Hamas has fundamental choice to make: Kerry

Kerry discusses Gaza and ceasefire efforts with Egypt's president and foreign minister

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Joint Egypt-Palestine committee calls for end of ‘Israeli siege on Gaza’

This is the first time the committee has convened in nine years…

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Aswan tribes commit to peace following bloody clashes that killed 26

Arab Bani Hilal tribe and Nubian Daboudya tribes assess financial losses, property…

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Hamas PM in Egypt

Prime Minister of Hamas Ismail Haniyeh crosses the Rafah border from Gaza…

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