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Egypt takes measures against German company for discrimination against Muslim Egyptian

Nouran Hassanein applied for job at German company, but was subject to…

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Opinion| When age is not a liability

I have no less than 50 friends and acquaintances, all in their…

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UNAIDS launches campaign for zero discrimination against women and girls

Zero Discrimination Day is universal in nature and aims to highlight issues…

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Egyptians reject fascism, racism, discrimination, says Al-Sisi in WYF

We demand world to denounce terrorism, says President to Yazidi activist Nadia…

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Government pressed to combat discrimination

Constitution stipulates establishment of independent commission for that purpose

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Shoukry expresses Egypt’s concerns regarding situation in Middle East, discrimination in Europe

Egypt’s choice is to remain a nation for diversity, pluralism, and peaceful…

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MP pushes for law to establish independent anti-discrimination commission

Constitution guarantees equality among citizens; laws yet to be implemented

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Kenyan salon offers free wigs to cancer patients

Diana Aketch, a Kenyan beautician in Nairobi is handing out free wigs…

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Women’s rights organisations decry discrimination by State Council

Eleven organisations, including the New Woman Foundation, Nazra for Feminist Studies, and…

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Dar El-Eftaa condemns Chinese authorities for banning the “Azan”

Chinese authorities' action is a strong insult: Dar El-Eftaa press release

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