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Egypt’s Decent Life initiative targets improved living conditions for rural Egyptians: PM

Presidential initiative to provide natural gas for 1,332 villages in Egyptian countryside

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‘Decent Life’ initiative to improve living standards for 60% of Egyptian villagers: Official

During FY 2021/22, initiative targets 51 villages with beneficiaries constituting 17% of…

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‘Decent Life’ initiative is turning point for Egyptian countryside: Planning Minister

Initiative aims to improve standard of living for Egyptians living in villages,…

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Planning Minister discusses economic empowerment in villages under ‘Decent Life’ initiative

Economic empowerment strategy is based on development indicators, surveys carried out by…

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Al-Sisi asserts desire to complete ‘Decent Life’ initiative to develop countryside

25 January Revolution was led by sincere youth looking for better future,…

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Planning Ministry launches 1st electronic system for ‘Decent Life’ initiative

New system continues Ministry's efforts to shift towards evidence-based planning, automating process…

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PM Madbouly follows up on infrastructure projects under ‘Decent Life’ initiative

Egypt Prime Minister has also another meeting to follow up on urban…

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‘Decent Life’ initiative provides medical assistance to 125,000 citizens in October

Total of 1,599 cases transferred to hospital for surgical operations, treated at…

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Planning Ministry issues quality of life report as part of Decent Life Initiative

Minister of Planning and Economic Development Hala El-Said said the index is…

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1,803,204 citizens received different medical services as part of ‘Decent Life’ campaign in 2019

The campaign aimed at providing free medical services to citizens in remote…

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