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Harvesting dates springs in Upper Egypt

Children aged 10 take part in harvesting

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Caker Food Industries targets $30m in exports

USD rate, rationalisation of imports push the company to produce new varieties…

Basma Tharwat Basma Tharwat

Olivee to establish new production lines for dates, artichoke this year

Olivee Co. for Production & Agricultural Manufacture S.A.E aims to achieve exports worth…

Amany Radwan Amany Radwan

Key dates in Iraq since US 2003 invasion

AFP - Iraq, where legislative elections take place on Wednesday, has for…

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Have a date

The sweet fruit might seem small, but it has many beneficial properties

Thoraia Abou Bakr Thoraia Abou Bakr

Even in the date market, Morsy beats Shafiq

Moustafa Ramadan, a date vendor, said that date sellers gave their products…

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