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Shura Council agrees to NGO bill ‘in principle’

Bill to oversee NGO activities described as ‘repressive’ by civil society groups

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“NGO draft law and verdict is a major setback to democracy”

The Masr Alhureyya Party concerned over future of civil society in Egypt

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NGO trial verdicts must be contested in legal context: Darrag

Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Amr Darrag blames certain "schemes" for…

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Merkel questions aid to Egypt

NGO trial verdict sparks international concern into civil society

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Ministry responds to US criticism of NGO law

The US State Department said the law ‘still imposes significant government controls…

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Ashton considers NGO draft law too restrictive

Top EU foreign affairs official lends her voice to growing criticism of…

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Al-Sharkawy defends draft NGO law

President’s adviser says draft law’s shortcomings exaggerated

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President pledges financial support for civil societies

President Mohamed Morsi says he is very interested in establishing partnerships between…

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NSF accuses Brotherhood of attempting to repress civil society through NGO law

The opposition front claims the Muslim Brotherhood is attempting to prevent investigations…

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Arab organisations speak out against EBRD

Economic and environmental concerns surrounding EBRD's plans for SEMED region conveyed by…

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