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Christians, Muslims clash over new church in Upper Egypt

By AP CAIRO: A security official says Christians and Muslims have clashed in southern Egypt over the construction of a church. A local security chief, Assem Hamza, said Muslim residents of the Awlad Khalaf village rallied Saturday outside Christian-owned land where construction of a church was under way. Hamza said the construction was illegal. Security …


Second Christian protester dies after Cairo church clashes

CAIRO: A Coptic man shot and wounded in clashes with police in Cairo this week over thwarted plans to build a new church died in hospital on Friday, a security official said. Milad Mikhail, 24, died in hospital after two unsuccessful operations on a stomach wound. He was the second protester to lose his life …


The time bomb of religious discrimination

By Rania Al Malky CAIRO: As she nurses a badly wounded relative, a simple but very angry young woman says, “Where is America? Why aren’t the Americans here to protect us if our own government has failed to protect us?” The shocking statement by this Egyptian Copt during a report by a foreign TV channel in …


One dead, tens injured in clashes with security over church construction in Giza

CAIRO: A Coptic citizen died on Wednesday and tens were wounded in clashes with security forces after Al-Omraneya’s district office halted the construction of a church annex. Clashes erupted early Wednesday between security and Copts protesting in front of the Mar Girguis Church after Al-Omraneya’s district administration’s decision not to allow the Copts to turn …


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