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Christian family on eviction from Alexandria hometown

By Aya Batrawy / AP CAIRO: Nabil Girgis, a Coptic Christian, lived for nearly two decades in the Egyptian town of Amreya, raising his children and managing a modest business. Those ties couldn’t protect him after a sex video purportedly showing his brother with a Muslim woman began to circulate. Angry residents in the conservative, Muslim-majority …


Pope Shenouda buried, Christians anxious

By Hamza Hendawi and Maggie Michael / AP WADI NATROUN: Pope Shenouda III, a giant figure for 40 years at the helm of Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church, has been laid to rest in a desert monastery after a moving funeral Mass at a Cairo cathedral attended by tens of thousands. Shenouda’s death brought an outpouring of …


Christians fear Islamist pressure in Egypt

By Maggie Michael / AP CAIRO: On her first day to school, 15-year-old Christian student Ferial Habib was stopped at the doorstep of her new high school with clear instructions: either put on a headscarf or no school this year. Habib refused. While most Muslim women in Egypt wear the headscarf, Christians do not, and the …


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