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Democracy in the Congo?

By Charles Tannock LONDON: Free, fair, and transparent democratic elections are no longer strangers to Africa. Indeed, they have become a regular occurrence. But the presidential and parliamentary elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo at the end of November will likely be Africa’s most daunting electoral challenge so far. If the vote comes off …


Independence or war

By Charles Tannock STRASBOURG: In the 1990s, the world averted its eyes to genocide in Rwanda, and to the “Great Lakes War” in eastern Congo, which claimed upward of five million lives — the most in any war since World War II. Will such silence and neglect prevail again if civil war is renewed in Sudan? …


Land for peace in Kosovo

By Charles Tannock BELGRADE: Chasing impossible dreams has driven Serbia and Kosovo into a corner. A return to armed conflict may be impossible — at least for now — given NATO’s military presence in Kosovo (though it will be halved in the next few months to only 5,000 troops). But the lack of effort on all …


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