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Ridley Scott’s cult films

British director Ridley Scott is a master of Hollywood cinema. His latest movie All the Money in the World is now coming to the cinemas. Here are some of his masterpieces. Recast: All the Money in the World After American actor Anthony Rapp accused Kevin Spacey of abusing him three decades ago, and a number …

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Osborne plans could trigger EU tax war

British plans to considerably lower corporate tax have drawn first reactions from political leaders across the EU. Surely no one wants to be at a disadvantage when it comes to luring companies, or keeping them.

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Apple disses British surveillance bill

Apple is opposing provisions in a draft UK law that would weaken online encryption by requiring built-in cyber “backdoors” for government spies. The US e-gadgets company says backdoors harm rather than help security.

Deutsche Welle

BG to sign petroleum deal worth $4bn

British Gas (BG) is set to sign a deal with the Egyptian government on Sunday during the Economic Summit, with investments estimated at $4bn. The company received $350m from the Egyptian government, after the latter’s decision to pay its delayed debts to foreign energy companies.  Egypt delayed paying the dues for oil and gas companies …

Daily News Egypt