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Arafa Holding reports $144,000 COVID-19-related losses in April

Global health pandemic’s effects to be evident on group’s business results during

Alyaa Stohy Alyaa Stohy

Arafa Holding reports profit jump of $15.2m end January

Ongoing global pandemic threatens to negatively impact company’s results in FY 2020,

Alyaa Stohy Alyaa Stohy

Streamlining operating costs leads to 65% profit increase for Arafa Holdings

Manufacturing of textiles was disproportionally affected by the slide against the US

Nicholas Mehling Nicholas Mehling

British subsidiary of Al-Arafa Group obtains rights to operate international trademark Ben Sherman

This deal comes following the successful restructuring of the company’s operations where

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Oriental Weavers, Arafa Holding reduce effect of EGP’s devaluation on pricing flexibility

The Egyptian currency’s devaluation is a step in the right direction, but

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

Arafa Holding plans European market entrance in 2015

Egypt’s monetary policy encourages importers and deters producers, Egyptian pound losing real

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