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Court adjourns Geneina’s trial in “insulting judiciary” case to 27 March

Geneina was sacked from his position as the top auditor by a

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Court acquits former top auditor from previous fine imposed by former justice minister

Long-time disputes have existed between dismissed officials Geneina and Al-Zind

Amira El-Fekki Amira El-Fekki

Geneina fined EGP 20,000 for ‘defaming’ former justice minister

The court says the former CAO head made inflammatory media statements in

Taha Sakr Taha Sakr

Al-Zind to stand trial on 4 June for slandering Hisham Geneina

The Cairo Criminal Court will rule over the case filed by Geneina

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Sacking of CAO head continues to raise criticism

It is shocking that neither state nor parliament sought to address existing

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Al-Zind faces same fate of those who came before him

Should we be held accountable for what we say? Several similar incidents

Public officials entangled in controversy increasingly face threat to office

Four state officials have previously left their positions after garnering public censor

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Judges’ Club says it welcomes new minister despite supporting Al-Zind

The now ex-minister of justice’s comments were seen as a “religious offence”

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Al-Zind’s long history of legal, personal disputes

The recently dismissed minister of justice became infamous for his fiery statements

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Hussein Salem submits private jet to Egyptian intelligence in bid to avoid corruption charges

Submission of private jet comes after protracted discussion related to Salem’s reconciliation

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