Activists detained for 15 more days

CAIRO: As the detainees exited the courtroom Monday, they were heading toward a further 15 days in prison, when their cases will again be reviewed. The eleven activists had been

Joseph Mayton Joseph Mayton

EU reiterates hard stance toward Hamas

CAIRO: European Commissioner for External Relations Benita Ferrero-Waldner reiterated the Middle East Quartet s three conditions for releasing aid to the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority, adding that the Quartet will explore

Waleed Khalil Rasromani Waleed Khalil Rasromani

Islamists galvanize political scene

CAIRO: Six months after shock electoral gains, the Muslim Brotherhood has injected new life into parliament, but some argue they have failed to propose a program beyond a systematic opposition

Daily Star Egypt Staff Daily Star Egypt Staff

Police work to identify Dahab suicide bombers

ISMAILIA, Egypt: Police are working to identify the remains of three men they suspect of carrying out suicide bombings in the Sinai resort of Dahab that killed 19 people last

Daily Star Egypt Staff Daily Star Egypt Staff

Plunging Gulf markets hit Egyptian stocks

CAIRO: Egyptian stocks fell on Sunday as negative sentiment from plunging Gulf stock markets weighed on Egypt s bourse, hitting stocks popular with small investors and the housing and construction

Daily Star Egypt Staff Daily Star Egypt Staff

Egypt median overnight interbank rate slips

CAIRO: The median overnight interbank rate on the Egyptian pound slipped to 8.075 percent on Monday from Sunday s 8.118 percent with demand for pounds low at the end of

Daily Star Egypt Staff Daily Star Egypt Staff

Dispute between telecom bigwigs

CAIRO: Orascom Telecom Holding S.A.E. (OTH) announced on May 4 that it will file a request for arbitration against Kuwaiti operator Wataniya Telecom (WT) regarding a material breach of a

Najla Moussa Najla Moussa

All charges dropped against reporter

CAIRO: A criminal court has dropped the case against an Egyptian journalist sued by a judge for libel, a court official said Monday.The Giza Criminal Court on Monday dropped charges

Daily Star Egypt Staff Daily Star Egypt Staff

DNA law on the move

CAIRO: A draft law that would make DNA testing mandatory and applicable in court cases for proving parenthood is now under final revision before parliament members cast their votes on

Sarah El Sirgany Sarah El Sirgany

Egypt still lags behind in ease of doing business

CAIRO: In 2004, 99 countries, two thirds of those featured in the World Bank's prominent Doing Business report measuring the relative ease or difficulty of doing business in countries, introduced

Najla Moussa Najla Moussa