Israel committs more massacres in Gaza, leaving hundreds of casualties

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The Israeli occupation forces committed on Saturday, two new massacres in Gaza, which has been subjected to a war of extermination since 7 October 2023.


The two massacres resulted in at least 40 deaths, after targeting the Al-Tuffah neighborhood, northeast of the city, and blowing up homes in Al-Shati Camp, according to medical sources.


Also on Saturday, the Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that the Israeli occupation committed three massacres against families in the Gaza Strip, of which 101 deaths and 169 injuries reached hospitals during the past 24 hours, indicating that the toll of the Israeli aggression has risen to 37,551 deaths and 85,911 injuries since 7 October.

In response to the aggression against civilians, the Al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad Movement, said that it had directly injured a number of occupation soldiers stationed at the outer gate of the Rafah crossing and its surroundings, while targeting them with mortar shells.

For its part, the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, also announced that it bombed a gathering of enemy soldiers and vehicles with mortar shells near the Awadallah Junction in the Yabna camp, south of the city of Rafah.

Meanwhile, Palestinian media said that three helicopters belonging to the Israeli occupation army landed in areas west of the city of Rafah, and their landing usually means that there are transfers of wounded and dead from the occupation army.

In a related context, the International Committee of the Red Cross announced that “heavy caliber projectiles” had fallen, damaging its office in Gaza, surrounded by hundreds of displaced civilians, which also led to the killing of 22 people and the wounding of 45 others.

The committee said, in a statement, that “heavy-caliber projectiles fell a few meters from the office and residence of the International Committee of the Red Cross, west of Rafah, on Friday afternoon.”

It added: “The strike caused material damage to our office, which is surrounded by hundreds of displaced civilians living in tents, including many of our Palestinian colleagues and their families.”

The European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell called, on Saturday, for an investigation into Israel’s bombing of the International Committee of the Red Cross office in Gaza.

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