Egypt’s Labour Minister concludes ILO Conference with meeting with Director-General

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Egypt’s Minister of Labour Hassan Shehata concluded his participation in the 112th session of the International Labour Conference, held from June 3 to 14 in Geneva, with a meeting with the Director-General of the International Labour Organization (ILO), Gilbert Houngbo.

The conference, held from June 3-14, brought together representatives from over 180 countries.

Shehata expressed satisfaction with the meeting and noted the ILO Director-General’s keenness to meet despite a busy conference schedule. Houngbo, in turn, thanked Egypt for submitting its ratification of the Maritime Labour Convention and commended the country’s compliance with international labour standards and efforts on the Palestinian cause.

The Director-General also praised the Egyptian government’s rapid response to workers’ issues, particularly in combating child labour.

During the conference, Minister Shehata praised the ILO’s global leadership in labour issues and thanked the Cairo office for their cooperation in implementing joint projects.

He emphasised the importance of the Director-General’s report on the conditions of Arab workers in the occupied Arab territories, calling for international solidarity to protect their rights. Shehata also highlighted the importance of social dialogue between governments, employers, and workers in addressing global labour challenges.

The Minister outlined recent developments in Egypt’s labour sector, including decisions to raise and equalise minimum wages in the public and private sectors. He discussed the draft labour law, which aims to enhance job security and encourage investment, and noted its discussion in the Supreme Council for Social Dialogue, which includes equal representation from all three labour parties and at least one-third female representation. The draft law was submitted to the ILO for review in February.

Shehata also detailed Egypt’s ongoing work on a project for domestic workers and efforts to register committees and trade unions, provide training on trade union freedoms, and assist in the establishment of trade union organisations.

The Minister outlined future plans for cooperation with the ILO, including implementing the Maritime Labour Convention, developing a Decent Work Project, and preparing a development project to combat child labour within the framework of the National Plan.

He also stressed cooperation on occupational safety and health, particularly in light of Egypt’s consideration of ratifying international conventions on this issue.

Finally, Shehata discussed Egypt’s position on joining the Global Coalition for Social Justice, an initiative by the ILO Director-General. He stated that Egypt welcomes the initiative in principle and is studying the necessary national measures to join.

The meeting was attended by Ambassador Ahmed Ihab Gamal El-Din, Egypt’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, and other international organisations in Geneva.


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