Cairo investigates murder of Egyptian security personnel on Rafah border: Military spox

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An Egyptian security personnel was killed during an exchange of fire in the border area near Rafah. The Egyptian Armed Forces are currently conducting an investigation, overseen by competent authorities, into the incident, according to the spokesperson for the Egyptian Army.

Preliminary findings regarding the shooting incident and the death of an Egyptian soldier at the border indicate that there was an exchange of fire between Israeli forces and Palestinian resistance groups. Shots were fired in multiple directions, prompting the Egyptian security personnel to take protective measures and respond to the source of the gunfire, as reported by Egyptian security sources to Daily News Egypt.

Egypt has expressed concern about the potential repercussions of Israeli military operations in the Philadelphia Corridor, which could compromise the safety and security of Egyptian personnel deployed along the border.

According to Israeli media reports from military sources, an exchange of fire occurred between the Egyptian army and the Israeli army on Monday morning. Unfortunately, this resulted in the death of an Egyptian soldier and the injury of another, but no casualties were reported on the Israeli side.

Meanwhile, scores died and many more were injured when the Israeli airstrike hit the Tel al-Sultan neighbourhood, in western Rafah, on Sunday night, causing a blast at the camp and killing many, including women and children inside, local health officials said.

Eyewitnesses told Reuters the tents were “melting” from the bombardment, burning people alive.

At least 45 people were killed and 249 were injured, most of them women and children, a spokesperson for the Health Ministry in Gaza said in the early hours on Monday.

The Ministry said: “Never before in history have such a large number of mass killing tools been mobilized and employed together before the eyes of the world, as is happening now in Gaza, where the population is deprived of water, food, medicine, electricity, and fuel, crushing the infrastructure, destroying all institutions, and disrupting the situation.”

“Depriving the population of water, food, medicine, electricity, and fuel, crushing the infrastructure, destroying all institutions, disrupting sanitation, spreading epidemics, tightening the closure of the crossings, preventing the entry of medical supplies and delegations, and preventing the transfer of the sick and wounded abroad,” the ministry explained the situation in the besieged strip.

The ministry indicated that the Israeli occupation committed 7 massacres against families in the Gaza Strip during the past 24 hours, killing 66 and 383 injured. Thus, the toll of the Israeli aggression has risen to 36,050 deaths and 81,026 injuries since 7 October 2023.

Meanwhile, the United Nations called on Israel to open a “full and transparent” investigation into the raid launched by the Israeli army on a camp for displaced people in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.

The African Union said that the Israeli bombing of Rafah reflects Tel Aviv’s disregard for the decision of the International Court of Justice.

Moreover, Al-Azhar condemned the “Zionist terrorist aggression” against the displaced persons’ camp in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, and called for international action against it.

Al-Azhar said in a statement: “We renew our salute to the courageous Palestinian resistance in the face of Israeli genocide and forced displacement against the Palestinians.”


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